Concept To Completion - Volume 1


Are you just beginning with digital art, or needing help building confidence to get from initial ideas to a finished piece? This first installment of 'Concept To Completion' can be a lifesaver! Within this exhaustive bundle of material, you will see the complete process of decision making, problem solving, painting, and creating from an initial idea, all the way until a final product! This set includes

  • 4 HOURS of real-time narrated video, going from concept to completion of 'The Traveler's Choice'
  • Narrated and step-by-step techniques of "painterly strokes", photobashing, composition, color theory, and more!
  • Resources including brushes, references, and "inspiration" images
  • Tips and tricks to bring your traditional media (such as acrylic or oil) creative process into the digital landscape
  • Full PSD files (for use in Photoshop, or even free programs like Krita and Sketchbook)
  • Full size render suitable for printing (on canvas, photo gloss, etc)
  • Blank, pre-created templates for creating thumbnails yourself!
  • Post-processing effects for that "final and polished" feel to tie everything together!
  • Also includes all 4 full-project thumbnails from the video tutorials
  • Links to even MORE resources (including tablet recommendations, stock photo sites, and more)

Learn to bring your creativity to the digital space, and learn some exclusive tips-and-tricks for quickly concepting, compositing, and completing anything from your imagination! Enjoy over 8 GIGS of video, reference, brushes, and goodies!

RECENTLY UPDATED WITH VERSION 1.2 - New file structure for downloading individual video lessons and resources when you need them, "streaming versions" of each video lesson with MUCH smaller filesizes for downloads and streaming, PLUS the 'May Sketch A Day 2020' brushpack included!

Release Notes


  • Included two (2) updated video files for easier streaming accessibility. Condensed the file size and bitrate for both video lessons in full resolution (1280x720)
  • New video files will have (STREAMING VERSION) in the file name for ease of access
  • New videos should allow for better streaming performance via ArtStation, and resolve some 'hanging' or 'buffering' issues from the 1.1 release
  • Original video files at full size are still included, if you require higher visual fidelity or bitrate
Standard Use License
License: Standard License
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For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

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One installation by a single user.

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