The Breach

Initial Blender render (original render is at 4700x2000)

Initial Blender render (original render is at 4700x2000)

I had the chance to really break in Blender 2.8 tonight, as well as view the differences between the Eevee Render Engine (natively built into Blender 2.8) and the Radeon ProRender (which is an add-on applicable to Radeon cards such as my RX 580).

Among other artists, I've been studying the work and lessons (via ImagineFX magazine) of Donglu Yu, an absolute rockstar when it comes to this "3d mockup into an atmospheric piece" method. Her ArtStation page is here:

For this one, I followed along with Donglu's advice and did some brush and texture work atop the 3D pass. I'm still trying to focus on dynamic compositions where lighting is the anchor point for building mood.

I've included a quick snapshot of the initial Blender render as well!

August 27, 2019