June Study Jam #27

Step-by-step process animation

Step-by-step process animation

My final piece for this year's June Study Jam project! Phew, it's been a wild ride! I wanted to revisit the composition of 'The Fallen Knight of Valhalla' that I did for the 'May Sketch A Day' project and see how my process has changed!


A HUGE shoutout to the following artists who inspired me during this month's project: James Gurney, Maciej Kuciara, Wadim Kashin, Titus Lunter, Noah Bradley, Craig Mullins, Sung Choi, Igor Sid, Trent Kaniuga, and Greg Rutkowski. I feel like I've made a lot of growth, and while I still have MUCH to study and learn, I'm confident that being inspired by these artists and others will get me to the place I'd like to be.

Onward and upwards, thank you all for the support! Expect a Gumroad collection of these pieces, and some bonus goodies, soon!

June 30, 2019